5 gift ideas for beer lovers.

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5 gift ideas for beer lovers.

A gift is a sign of appreciation or congratulations to people. It can be given during celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and other celebrations. Buying a gift for beer lovers can be very difficult mainly because beer is the only thing that comes to mind. There is however several other gifts that one can buy for the beer lovers. However one must also know the interest of the beer lover for easier determination of the gift that should be given.

Mini Monster bookshelf brewery.

This is a gallon beer brewing kit. This kit has a glass carboy that enables the user peer into the process of fermentation. The kit has express instructions on how to use it in the process of brewing beer. The instructions given are a recipe of how to go about the process of brewing. In addition to this the ingredients that are required are also indicated in the recipe. This can be a good gift to help the beer lover brew his own beer for leisure and fun.

Business casual craft beer brief case.

This brief case is presentable and unique. It is safe packing for beer as it has a padded, locking aluminum case. It is used to carry beers such as ballast point sculpin and Anderson valley among others. The craft beer case is very classy and can be a gift that one who is a beer lover will really appreciate. In addition to this it exists in various colors and therefore can make a choice of the color that would please the owner. The business casual brief case exists in different sizes.

24 Karat Gold Dipped Poker Cards

Beer lover understand that beer without conversation or interaction is not really fun rather a depressed way of taking beer. Therefore the most brilliant way to enjoy beer is when charting, playing or dancing. Hence most beer lover adore playing cards while drinking. Now one of the greatest gift idea you can get a beer lover(s) is poker cards. Well, not just any type of poker cards, the karat gold dipped poker cards are just more that a perfect way of gifting your beer lover. This 24 karat gold dipped poker card are manufactured at a standard poker playing card and can be associated with prestige given that they are mostly found in casinos. Therefore they make the perfect gift to give a beer lover.

Drink out jacket

A drinking jacket is best for beer lovers who like drinking outdoors. It is very warm and best for the cold weather. It is designed in a way that it has a hood which keeps the user warm. It has a zipper which can be used as a bottle opener. It can also be used in places such as bonfires.

Beer soap.

This is a type of soap that is manufactures from the same ingredients that are used to make beer. Each soap is however complemented with herbs which creates a good scent on the soap .Any person who loves beer will appreciate this soap as a gift and may develop a tradition of using the soap. In addition to this the soap is very unique.

Beer designed outfits

Clothes that have writings advertising a beer on them. Most of the beer lovers are so proud of the brand they take to an extent they can put on shirts or tshirts that have writings on them advertising the beer. This can be a good gift that one will really appreciate.

Since most of these suggestions are more suitable for men (no offence ladys), we've got a proposal for the gentlemen - you too have to surprise your halves - especcialy on the appropriate occasions. And the upcoming one is the day of those in love - so check the Valentine's gifts for her here in that awesome webswite and act!




Beer Amateurs Go Home

Wern Fawr Inn, CAMRA Presentation

What's the phrase again? Beer before liquor, never been sicker?...well in some cases depending on the beer you're drinking you may not even need to bother with the liquor part. While most domestic beers usually have a weak alcohol content of a measly 2.8 to 4 percent, there are some beers out there containing so much alcohol that they make the the standards seem like complete child's play in comparison. If you're looking for a buzz while avoiding the dreaded "beer gut", these beers are more than happy to oblige with only a fraction of the amount of booze. 4%?...that's for rookies.

Samuel Adams Double Bock 9.5%

More than likely you've heard of major beer brand Samuel Adams and may jump to the conclusion that because it's a mainstream domestic that it is only available with the standard content, but their Double Bock proves otherwise. It's classified as a German Style Bock that is available year round. Sam Adams is a produced by the Boston Beer Company and as it's name implies it has breweries in Boston. Due to their size though they also have breweries located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 9.6%

Here is another famous brand that has a surprisingly strong brew. This beer hit the market back in 1983 and is brewed in a similar fashion as barleywine. It's a winter beer that likes to boast that it's a favorite amongst beer connoisseurs and compares itself to actual fine wine because of it's aging process. Sierra Nevada's headquarters are located in Chico, California but also owns breweries in Asheville, North Carolina as well.

Pit Bull High Gravity Ice Malt Liquor 10.2%

Pit Bull is a malt beer that's brewed in St. Paul, Minnesota and is owned by the Pigs Eye Brewing Company and was originally released in 2006. It's described as a smooth beer that is easy to drink, which they attribute to their icing processing used during brewing.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 10.4%

Sierra Nevada makes it the list again with their Hoptimum beer. It's an IPA that is highly focused on it's hop flavors (obviously with a name like Hoptimum) using numerous kinds of hops for brewing. They even have one type of hop included that serves as a secret ingredient that only Sierra Nevada grows. Part of what makes this beer unique is that it's a whole-cone beer meaning that the hops used during brewing are whole and fully intact whereas other beers use crushed and processed hops that are turned into pellets that changes the flavors that they produce.

AleSmith Old Numbskull 11%

The AleSmith brewing company produces Old Numbskull which is currently the heavy weight champion of strong beers. This alcohol Goliath is a malt that also uses the barleywine brewing method and isn't regularly available. When it comes to Numbskull you actually have to earn the right to drink it and experience it's full flavor due to the fact that after you buy the bottle AleSmith recommends that you store it in a cool dark place for it to fully mature for 6 to 24 months before opening! It's described as having a slightly fruity taste while also being slightly bitter. It's a craft beer that has earned critical acclaim and awards.



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